Click here to access Trac.

We are running Trac for projects who request it. It's a fairly vanilla installation which resides in /project/<project>/trac (on the filesystem) and is writeable by the project administrator only. He/she may choose to use trac-admin as per the documentation to add milestones, components, etc. It's accessible through the web as<project>

The first thing you'll want to do after having logged in to your Trac instance is to go to Settings and add your email address and name. This will make your username show up in the Assign-To dropdown list for tickets.


Everyone with a account has a Trac user and password, it is stored in $HOME/trac-info.txt. Please see it for your username and password.

Trac is configured such that anonymous users may not create or modify the wiki (but may submit tickets) and authenticated users (ie. all users) can create or modify the wiki and submit tickets. If you need to restrict this you can argue your case at the clo-devel mailinglist or use trac-admin to change it for your project.


Notifications are automatically sent to the <project> mailinglist and Reply-To is set to the <project> list. If you want to change this you may change /project/<project>/trac/conf/trac.ini to suit your needs.