Each mailing list needs an owner. Owners take care of the day to day management of the mailing list. For most mailing lists, this doesn't mean much, since (un)subscriptions are processed automatically.

Most of the mailing list have been configured to hold mails from non-mailing list members for moderation. Every now and then (once every few months, usually) a mail like that is to be expected. The list owner can delegate handling of these mails to mailing list moderators, if the volume of mails to be handled grows too big.

The position of mailing list owner can be shared to assure continuity of the position.

Concluding: Being a mailing list owner is mostly a formality and will consume extremely little time.

Sometimes the e-mail address of the mailing list owner stops receiving mail from the mailing list management software. That's when the site admins add the mailing list to the table below. Volunteers are free to request transfer of ownership by mailing the site developers mailing list.

Lost contacts

The table below lists (in random order) the mailing lists for which the site admins lost contact with the current owner.

Please contact the mailing list mentioned above if you have contact info of the people listed, or if you want to claim list ownership yourself.

Mailing list Last contactDate
closure-develGilbert Baumann
cl-plus-ssl-develDavid Lichteblau
cxml-develDavid Lichteblau
cldoc-develIban Hatchondo
cl-store-develSean Ross
movitz-develFrode Vatvedt Fjeld
zlib-develDavid Lichteblau
commonqt-develDavid Lichteblau
gecol-develKillian Sprotte
xuriella-develDavid Lichteblau
cl-l10n-develSean Ross
zip-develDavid Lichteblau2015-02-12
lisppaste-requestsBrian Mastenbrook2015-02-22
cl-irc-develBrian Mastenbrook2015-02-22
iterate-develAndreas Fuchs2015-02-24