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A pleasant surprise + a bonus

posted on 2012-07

It seems that Windows now implements a kind of input history for any application that uses the console. This is nice, because it allows ECL users that directly work on a terminal window to recall previous commands, using just the arrow keys -- a limited form of what "readline" does for you --.

On a side note, the next release of ECL will ship with a small script to install quicklisp in the installation directory. It will be as simple as using (require :ecl-quicklisp) from the Common Lisp prompt. ECL will download the installation file and run it for you with the appropriate paths.

ECL 12.7.1 released

posted on 2012-07

Sorry for the multiple posting -- I had some problems with SourceForge news submission today.

Known issues

This release is the first one with the new multithreading library, which no longer relies on the POSIX mutexes, condition variables and semaphores. Instead, ECL makes use of libatomic-ops to implement userspace routines for process communication (mailboxes), resource sharing (locks, condition variables, counting semaphores) and fast spinlocks.

Due to the new implementation, it is likely that some corner cases may appear during use. In this case we would like to ask you to report a reproducible test case to ECL's bug tracker and we will provide a solution as soon as possible, with a new release, if needed.

In addition to this, the following problems persist:

  • Cygwin's library is still broken: fork/exec fails to reload the cygwin library, or ECL's compiled libraries in a completely random fashion. For this reason we recommend using ext:system instead of ext:run-program in that platform.

  • In Windows ECL comes with bytecodes compiler by default, because C compilers are normally not avaiable. Unfortunately several libraries out there are not prepared for this. If you plan to use quicklisp and have a C compiler accessible to ECL, you may use (ext:install-c-compiler) to switch back to the Lisp-to-C compiler.

Changes since last release

Some highlights of this release are:

  • The multithreading library.

  • Complete support for MOP.

  • Speed improvements in areas such as slot accessors.

  • Common Lisp code can now trap and capture Unix interrupts, though the processing is asynchronous for all but the critical ones.

  • Lots and lots of fixes.

See file src/CHANGELOG or browse it online


ECL repositories changed

posted on 2012-07

ECL has been upgraded to the newest version of Sourceforge. Unfortunately this has lead to the loss of the code repositories, which had to be recreated and now have different addresses:

git clone git://git.code.sf.net/p/ecls/ecl ecl # ECL source code git clone git://git.code.sf.net/p/ecls/ecl-doc ecl-doc # ECL documentation

Go to http://www.sf.net/p/ecls to see the new project interface and the two GIT repositories, or simply check the new addresses in our downloads page http://ecls.sourceforge.net/download.html