Embeddable Common-Lisp

Content from 2005-06

More on OSX

posted on 2005-06

I have updated my laptop with OSX Tiger and in the process discovered that gcc 4.0 does not like ECL. Well, this is not a big issue, since ECL still compiles with the older gcc 3.3 which is shipped with XCode and which produces binaries that can be run on OSX 10.3. The installation instructions have been updated to reflect this fact (http://ecls.sourceforge.net/install.html#osx)

Incidentally, the newest version of perl shipped with Tiger breaks the texi2html script and is not able to process ECL's documentation. Also this has been fixed in the CVS version.


News on OSX port

posted on 2005-06

I just bought a tiny 12" iBook and compiled ECL on it. It seems that there were two problems in the latest release:

(i) The fixes on the linux platform to avoid name clashes, caused some problem on OSX.

(ii) Most important is the fact that the 10.3 seems to include a flaky (at least not good enough for ECL) dlfcn.h header, which caused ECL not to use the OSX standard functions for loading FASL files.

Both problems have been fixed, and now ECL seems to pass Paul's test suite with at least as many bugs as in the Intel ports.

I'm happy.


Win32 bridge

posted on 2005-06

Michael Goffioul has contributed a library for calling Microsoft Windows's GUI functions from ECL. The library uses ECL's own implementation of the UFFI (Unified Foreign Function Interface) and demonstrates that this is really usable. As examples, he has written both the typical button example and a small, single window text editor. You can find a screenshot at the project homepage (https://sourceforge.net/project/screenshots.php?group_id=30035)