Function summary
diff s &key (pad nil)
mean s
pad-array array &key (before 0) (after 0) (pad-value 0)
save-array a filename
scalar-product a b
swap-array in-array
v* &rest args
v+ &rest args
v- arg1 &rest args
v-abs a
v-fun fun a &optional (return-type t)
v-make beg end &key (by 1) (element-type t)
v-max s
v-min s
v/ arg1 &rest args
variance s
scalar-product   a b  [Function]

Also called dot product. Performs the scalar product of two vectors.

v-abs   a  [Function]

Returns the vector of absolute values of a vector.

v-make   beg end &key (by 1) (element-type t)  [Function]

Makes a vector from increasing or decreasing values.

     MATHS> (v-make 1 10) 
     #(1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10) 
     MATHS> (v-make 1 10 :by 2) 
     #(1 3 5 7 9) 
     MATHS> (v-make 10 1 :by -3) 
     #(10 7 4 1) 
v-fun   fun a &optional (return-type t)  [Function]

Apply a function to an array.

save-array   a filename  [Function]

Saves the values of a vector in an ascii file, vertically.

diff   s &key (pad nil)  [Function]

Calculates differences between adjacent elements of an vector s. Set the pad argument to T to add a zero in the end of the result vector.

mean   s  [Function]

Computes the mean value of the elements of a sequence.

variance   s  [Function]

Computes the variance of the elements of a sequence.

v-max   s  [Function]

Finds the maximum value of a sequence.

v-min   s  [Function]

Finds the minimum value of a sequence.

swap-array   in-array  [Function]

Rotates a vector by its half-size.

    MATHS> (swap-array #(1 2 3 4)) 
     #(3 4 1 2) 
pad-array   array &key (before 0) (after 0) (pad-value 0)  [Function]

Adds elements of value pad-value before and/or after the vector.

v+   &rest args  [Function]

Adds numbers and/or vectors element-wise.

v-   arg1 &rest args  [Function]

Substracts numbers and/or vectors element-wise.

v*   &rest args  [Function]

Multiplies numbers and/or vectors element-wise.

v/   arg1 &rest args  [Function]

Divides numbers and/or vectors element-wise.