Function summary
flip a &optional (direction :horizontally)
hankel col &optional row
hflip mx
identity-matrix n &optional m
identity-matrix-p a
inverse-matrix mx
m* &rest args
m+ &rest args
m- arg1 &rest args
m.* &rest args
make-matrix dims &rest args
opposite a
random-matrix dims &rest args &key (max 10) &allow-other-keys
squeeze array
subarray array &rest subscripts
sum g &optional (dim 0)
symmetric-matrix-p a
toeplitz col &optional row
transpose mx
vflip mx
make-matrix   dims &rest args  [Function]

Creates a matrix of dimensions specified by dims. If dims is a single number, a square matrix of size dims.

random-matrix   dims &rest args &key (max 10) &allow-other-keys  [Function]

Create a matrix of given dimensions filled with random numbers.

identity-matrix   n &optional m  [Function]

Creates an identity matrix

identity-matrix-p   a  [Function]

Checks if the matrix is identity.

symmetric-matrix-p   a  [Function]

Checks if the matrix is symmetric.

transpose   mx  [Function]

Transpose the matrix.

m+   &rest args  [Function]
opposite   a  [Function]
m-   arg1 &rest args  [Function]
m.*   &rest args  [Function]
m*   &rest args  [Function]
inverse-matrix   mx  [Function]

Invert the matrix in-place. Return the log determinant of the matrix, parity, and the matrix argument.

vflip   mx  [Function]

Vertically flips a matrix.

hflip   mx  [Function]

Horizontally flips a matrix.

flip   a &optional (direction :horizontally)  [Function]
toeplitz   col &optional row  [Function]

Creates a toeplitz matrix with col as its first column and row as its first row.

hankel   col &optional row  [Function]

Creates a hankel matrix with col as its first column and row as its first row.

squeeze   array  [Function]
subarray   array &rest subscripts  [Function]
sum   g &optional (dim 0)  [Function]