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6.4.23 list-store

— Class: list-store

Superclass: g-object

Note: see also array-list-store

The list-store object is a list model for use with a tree-view widget. It implements the tree-model interface, and consequentialy, can use all of the methods available there. It also implements the tree-sortable interface so it can be sorted by the view. Finally, it also implements the tree drag and drop interfaces.

The list-store can accept most GObject types as a column type, though it can't accept all custom types. Internally, it will keep a copy of data passed in (such as a string or a boxed pointer). Columns that accept GObjects are handled a little differently. The list-store will keep a reference to the object instead of copying the value. As a result, if the object is modified, it is up to the application writer to call gtk_tree_model_row_changed to emit the "row_changed" signal. This most commonly affects lists with pixbufs stored.