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6.4.6 array-list-store

— Class: array-list-store

Superclass: g-object tree-model

A Lisp implementation of tree-model interface suitable for using in tree-view widgets. array-list-store contains a list of objects and a list of columns. Each column has a number (starting from zero) and is specified by its GType and reader function.

— Function: store-add-column
     (store-add-column list-store name reader)

Adds the column named name (a string) into list-store and associate reader as a reader function for this column.

— Function: store-add-item
     (store-add-item list-store item)

Adds the item to list-store.

— Function: store-items-count
     (store-items-count list-store) => count

Returns the count of items in a list-store

— Function: store-remove-item
     (store-remove-item list-store item &key (test 'eq))

Removes the first item from list-store (using test as a comparison function).