Independent Mailing Lists

How to apply

You may apply for a mailinglist if it's Common Lisp-related but doesn't really need an entire project. Please email admin (at) common-lisp (dot) net. with the ideal name for your mailinglist and a brief description.


BLIS by Pascal Constanza
berlin-lispers by Christian Pape and Max-Gerd Retzlaff
boston-lisp by Dan Stranger
cl-debian by Peter Van Eynde
cl-user by Arthur Lemmens
Coleslaw by the Coleslaw Organization
chicago-lisp by Paul F. Dietz
eurolisp by Tayssir John Gabbour and Arthur Lemmens
fm-lisp by Edi Weitz
hungarian-lispers by Attila Lendvai
l4-lisp by Julian Stecklina
lisp-game-dev by Brandon Edens
lisp-hh by Edi Weitz
lisppaste-requests by Brian Mastenbrook
ltk-user by Peter Herth
mac-lisp-ide by Brian Mastenbrook
mop-standard-discuss by Daniel Barlow
munich-lisp by Jim Newton
regex-coach by Edi Weitz
seattle by Daniel Pezely
streams-standard-discuss by Daniel Barlow
small-cl-src by Ingvar Mattsson and Mario Mommer
small-cl-src-discuss by Ingvar Mattsson and Mario Mommer
threads-standard-discuss by Daniel Barlow