Creating a Wiki with UCW


This tutorial will show you how to create web applications with UnCommon Web (UCW). During this tutorial we will create two distinct, but functionaly similar, wikis. The first, "regular style," will be developed using the same mind set and organization as you would use with any other web framework (though it will use as much of UCW as possible). The second wiki, "UCW style," will be an idiomatic UCW application.

We've named the urls and classes in such a fashion that the two interfaces can coexist within the same image. You can try jumping back and forth between the two styles and compare how they act.

Getting Started 

At some point we may add minimal installation instructions here, until then we'll just assume that you've already downloaded, built and setup ucw.

To load the wiki just load this file after you've started UCW. This wiki depends on cl-ppcre and the ucw example application.