Generic Function With (9 methods)

( with collection value1 &optional value2 )

Part of:

package fset
On a set, adds value1 to it, returning the updated set. On a bag, adds
value2 occurrences of value1, returning the updated bag; value2 defaults
to 1. On a map, adds a mapping from value1 (the key) to value2, returning
the updated map. On a seq, replaces the element at index value1 with
value2, returning the updated seq (the seq is extended in either direction
if needed; previously uninitialized indices are filled with the seq's default).

Method Summary

with bounded-set  t  
with complement-set  t  
with interval-set  interval  
with tuple  tuple-key  
with wb-2-relation  t  
with wb-bag  t  
with wb-map  t  
with wb-seq  t  
with wb-set  t