Generic Function Union (11 methods)

( union set-or-bag1 set-or-bag2 &key test test-not )

Part of:

package fset
Returns the union of the two sets/bags. The result is a set if both
arguments are sets; otherwise a bag. The union of two bags is a bag whose
multiplicity, for any value, is the maximum of its multiplicities in the
two argument bags.

Method Summary

union bounded-set  bounded-set  
union complement-set  complement-set  
union complement-set  set  
union interval-set  interval-set  
union list  list  
union set  complement-set  
union wb-2-relation  wb-2-relation  
union wb-bag  wb-bag  
union wb-bag  wb-set  
union wb-set  wb-bag  
union wb-set  wb-set