Method summary
make-plottable thing
Function summary
add-to-plot thing &rest other-things
matlab x
new-figure &optional title
new-plot &rest things
plot &rest things
set-title label &optional (fig nil)
set-xlabel label &optional (fig nil)
set-ylabel label &optional (fig nil)
CLOUD.GRAPHER    [Package]
make-plottable   thing  [Generic function]

Describes how thing has to be plotted. Available for external classes. For example if thing is of class bidule, and has a slot called data that is to be used for plotting, the corresponding method should return something like (list (data bidule instance) :label "bidule-instance").

matlab   x  [Function]
new-figure   &optional title  [Function]
new-plot   &rest things  [Function]
plot   &rest things  [Function]
set-xlabel   label &optional (fig nil)  [Function]
set-ylabel   label &optional (fig nil)  [Function]
set-title   label &optional (fig nil)  [Function]
add-to-plot   thing &rest other-things  [Function]