Closure Web Browser: Quickstart

These instructions explain how to run Closure in SBCL under Linux, stepwise.

  1. install a recent version of SBCL (later than 0.9.18 should work)
  2. install a version of SLIME from the same period as your SBCL installation
  3. download the source code of the latest release (or CVS development version) of McCLIM
  4. install the external applications gif2png and djpeg for image support (Debian packages gif2png and libjpeg-progs)
  5. check out the latest Closure source code from CVS:
    $ export
    $ cvs login
    Logging in to
    CVS password: anonymous
    $ cvs co -P closure
  6. make sure your Closure and McCLIM ASD files are linked from your ASDF central registry
  7. push :rune-is-integer on your lisp's *feature* list to avoid some lingering character/integer bugs in the Closure source code
  8. compile Closure and McCLIM from SLIME with ,load-system closure
  9. start Closure with (closure:start). It's a good idea to run Closure from within SLIME, since it knows how to handle errors that occur in threads.

Basic usage

You will find Closure is able to render most simple web pages, but will fail correctly to lay out complex pages that make heavy use of CSS for absolute positioning. Here are some basic usage tips:


Closure screenshot