A GUI toolkit for Common Lisp

What is McCLIM?

McCLIM is a FOSS implementation of the Common Lisp Interface Manager specification, a powerful toolkit for writing GUIs in Common Lisp. It is licensed under the GNU Library General Public License.

The McCLIM wiki archive contains quite a bit of information about McCLIM, including a list of applications using it, and many screenshots of these. Gabriel Laddel has reviewed the whole archive and put in this comment all relevent information.

You can access the McCLIM manual draft PDF if you want, but it's still a work in progress. To reach the developers you may either write to the mailing list or on the #clim irc channel.


  • Mature yet modern CLIM II protocol implementation
  • Extensible GUI toolkit for applications
  • Sophisticated interface manager for Common Lisp
  • Portable between various Common Lisp implementations
  • Robust solution for creating end-user applications



(in-package :common-lisp-user)

(defpackage "APP"
  (:use :clim :clim-lisp)
  (:export "APP-MAIN"))

(in-package :app)

(define-application-frame superapp ()
   (int :interactor :height 400 :width 600))
   (default int)))

(defun app-main ()
  (run-frame-top-level (make-application-frame 'superapp)))

SuperApp capture

Hall of Fame

McCLIM is written by a diverse group of individuals from across the world. Contributors past and present include:

  • Daniel Barlow
  • Gilbert Baumann
  • Julien Boninfan
  • Alexey Dejneka
  • Clemens Fruhwirth
  • Andreas Fuchs
  • Robert Goldman
  • Iban Hatchondo
  • Andy Hefner
  • Brian Mastenbrook
  • Mike McDonald
  • Timothy Moore
  • Edena Pixel
  • Max-Gerd Retzlaff
  • Christophe Rhodes
  • Duncan Rose
  • Arnaud Rouanet
  • Lionel Salabartan
  • Rudi Schlatte
  • Brian Spilsbury
  • Robert Strandh