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6.2.54 link-button

— Class: link-button

Superclass: button atk-implementor-iface activatable buildable

A link-button is a button with a hyperlink, similar to the one used by web browsers, which triggers an action when clicked. It is useful to show quick links to resources.

link-button offers a global hook, which is called when the used clicks on it: see link-button-global-uri-hook.



— Function: link-button-global-uri-hook
     (setf (link-button-gloval-uri-hook) function)

Sets function as the function that should be invoked every time a user clicks a link-button. This function is called before every callback registered for the button::clicked signal.

If function is NIL, GTK+ defaults to calling gtk_show_uri() (default function that opens the default application for a URI).

function is a function of two arguments: a link-button and a string. First argument is the button that was clicked and the second is the URI of the button.