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6.4.3 action

— Class: action

Superclass: g-object

Subclasses: recent-action toggle-action

Actions represent operations that the user can be perform, along with some information how it should be presented in the interface. Each action provides methods to create icons, menu items and toolbar items representing itself.

As well as the callback that is called when the action gets activated, the following also gets associated with the action:

The action will also have some state information: Apart from regular actions, there are toggle-actions, which can be toggled between two states and radio-actions, of which only one in a group can be in the "active" state. Other actions can be implemented as action subclasses.

Each action can have one or more proxy menu item, toolbar button or other proxy widgets. Proxies mirror the state of the action (text label, tooltip, icon, visible, sensitive, etc), and should change when the action's state changes. When the proxy is activated, it should activate its action.