Package C2ffi - external symbols

Package C2ffi uses the packages Anaphora, Cl-Utilities, Common-Lisp, Iterate and Xmls. It has 101 total symbols and 10 external ones.


cffi-generatorThis class generates bindings for CFFI.
ffi-generatorThis class encapsulates the generation of FFI bindings from XML files generated by GCC-XML.


generate-ffi-for-filesGenerates FFI files for each input file designated by `h-files`. Each input file is first parsed...
generate-xmlRuns GCC-XML to generate an XML file from a C header file, with compiler options passed from the ...


generate-bindingsGenerates bindings from the XML-File, if the slot is set, or from the parse-tree. If neither XML...
write-bindingsWrites the generated bindings out to output-file.