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13.5.2 “How can I wholly disable the compiler output cache?”

To permanently disable the compiler output cache for all future runs of ASDF, you can:

mkdir -p ~/.config/common-lisp/asdf-output-translations.conf.d/
echo ':disable-cache' > \

This assumes that you didn’t otherwise configure the ASDF files (if you did, edit them again), and don’t somehow override the configuration at runtime with a shell variable (see below) or some other runtime command (e.g. some call to asdf:initialize-output-translations).

To disable the compiler output cache in Lisp processes run by your current shell, try (assuming bash or zsh) (on Unix and cygwin only):


To disable the compiler output cache just in the current Lisp process, use (after loading ASDF but before using it):


Note that this does NOT belong in a .asd file. Please do not tamper with ASDF configuration from a .asd file, and only do this from your personal configuration or build scripts.