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13.5.3 How can I debug problems finding ASDF systems?

Sometimes ASDF will be unable to find and load your systems, although you believe that it should be able to. There are a number of things you can do to debug such issues.

If you are using asdf:*central-registry* (see Configuring ASDF to find your systems --- old style), you can simply look at the pathnames and namestrings in this variable, and use conventional tools such as cl:probe-file and cl:directory to poke around and see why your systems are not being found.

If you are using one of the newer methods for configuring ASDF’s system finding (see Controlling where ASDF searches for systems), you can try:

(alexandria:hash-table-alist asdf/source-registry::*source-registry*)

(alphabetizing the results here may be helpful). Or for a higher-level view:


Finally, if you use the source registry cache (see Caching Results), you can:

find ~/common-lisp -name .cl-source-registry.cache

at the shell.

It is still, unfortunately, an open question how to monitor ASDF’s interpretation of its source configuration as it happens.