swankr: Bug list

  1. RESOLVED #1 printed output not redirected to slime repl   MINOR FIXED

    The output from functions performing printing is sent to the standard output of the process running swank(), not to an emacs stream.

  2. OPEN #2 popping beyond inspector history crashes   NORMAL

    Inspecting something and hitting l causes the R debugger to pop up from trying to send NULL in a sexp to Emacs.

  3. RESOLVED #3 source reference in compile-string-for-emacs   WISHLIST FIXED

    It would be good if we could associate the expressions in the string with a reference to the corresponding source. Unfortunately, emacs only passes the buffer position in bytes (or maybe characters), whereas R's srcrefs work with lines and columns.

  4. OPEN #4 multibyte characters corrupt slime connection   NORMAL

    Not in all circumstances (e.g. "£" is OK) but 1:£ fails in slime-net-read-or-lose.

  5. RESOLVED #5 respect visibility of evaluated results   WISHLIST FIXED

    I think we can do this by calling .Internal(eval.with.vis(...)) instead of just regular eval()

  6. OPEN #6 occasional invalid sink() errors   NORMAL

    Not sure yet when it happens, but it makes the terminal browser pop up.

  7. OPEN #7 swank server is uninterruptible   NORMAL

    at least in certain conditions

  8. RESOLVED #8 startup is not filesystem-location independent   MINOR FIXED

    Requires the cwd to be the swankr directory to be able to find swank-presentations and swank-media

  9. RESOLVED #9 help and ? to produce help buffers   WISHLIST FIXED

    Not like ESS, though: that works by looking at the user's input with a regexp. Use slime-media?

  10. RESOLVED #10 0 or more than 1 exprs at REPL   MINOR FIXED

    Entering 0 exprs (whitespace or the empty string) at the REPL gives an error from `swank:listener-eval`, which subscripts the parse tree with index 1. (Entering more than one simply ignores all after the first, assuming that they all parse). We should be a bit more like R's repl, evaluating each of the exprs in turn and treating the results a bit like CL's multiple values

  11. OPEN #11 no newline when using :popup-buffer for ?help   MINOR

    Logged here so that I don't forget it if I sort out #9 first: we need to be able to indicate "no repl result please" if we open a new temporary buffer to display the result.

  12. RESOLVED #12 escaping when searching for completions   NORMAL FIXED

    Gets thoroughly confused on completing "read." because the "." is treated as a regexp "any character" pattern.

  13. OPEN #13 source location in sldb wrong   MINOR

    I think there's an off-by-one in the association between frames and srcrefs. Test case is something like 1+"foo" at the repl, and then hitting "v" on the `swank:listener-eval` frame. Also the arglists seem weird to me; in a call like frob(foo), I would expect to see the value of foo in the locals.

  14. OPEN #14 thread argument to emacsRex unused   NORMAL

    This is a problem not least because it causes all sorts of problems in inspecting swank-internal frames in sldb; test case is 1+"foo", then RET on the eval(expr, envir, enclos) frame just below `swank:listener-eval`.

  15. OPEN #15 write and use Rd2org instead of Rd2txt   WISHLIST

    org-mode is the future!

  16. OPEN #16 ESS configuration   MINOR

    sorting out the function regexp at least, but generally reducing dependence might be good.

  17. OPEN #17 encoding / external-format confusion   NORMAL

    We declare ourselves capable of handling utf-8-unix encoding, but whether we actually do anything close to being correct is unclear. (Almost certainly not; I suspect we naïvely use nchar() in places). We could either declare our encoding as latin1-unix, or make the server utf8ly correct. To reproduce, simply type "ë" at the repl.

  18. RESOLVED #18 ess-help needs to be loaded automatically   MINOR

    to reproduce: in a fresh emacs, type ?help

  19. RESOLVED #19 base graphics don't work automatically   NORMAL

    They can be made to by passing –interactive to R on startup, but I'm not sure what else that does.

  20. RESOLVED #20 closing the connection causes infinite R errors   IMPORTANT FIXED

    reported by "Philipp Marek" <philipp@marek.priv.at> by private mail.

  21. RESOLVED #21 inspecting an environment causes error in match()   MINOR FIXED

    reported by "Philipp Marek" <philipp@marek.priv.at> by private mail.

    To reproduce, C-c I globalenv() RET, or hit RET on environment presentations in the debugger (if presentations are on).

  22. RESOLVED #22 completion of named list fields   WISHLIST FIXED

    It is very nice in ESS to be able to type df$ TAB and get a completion list of the data frame's columns. Supporting it in swankr should be really easy.

  23. COMMENT:

    Local Variables: mode: org; End:

Author: Christophe Rhodes

Created: 2014-01-11 Sat 19:11

Emacs 24.3.1 (Org mode 8.0.7)

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