UnCommon Web



UnCommon Web's original author is Marco Baringer, and development was funded by bese. The current author and maintainer is Drew Crampsie, and development is funded by The Tech Co-op. The ucw-ajax branch was developed by Attila Lendvai. The current codebase is mostly Drew's incorporation of Attila's code into Marco's original codebase. Many others have contributed. A full list can be found in the darcs repository.


IMHO, Paul Graham, Christian Queinnec, SeaSide, Cocoon Struts.

Marco's Sound Track

Rage Against the Machine. Ani DiFranco. Fabrizio De Andrè. The Clash. The Beastie Boys. Fiona Apple. Frankie Hi-Nrg. Moby. Live. Simon and Garfunkel. Tracy Chapman. The Who. Underworld. Radiohead. NoFX. Bad Religion. Rancid. Ligabue. Eminem. Morcheeba. Massive Attack. Portishead. Counting Crows. SubsOnicA. Cake.