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Tovero model Rocky
Tovero model Rocky
Tovero model Rocky
Model created with Tovero modeling system, viewed with Clive viewer

Tovero is a 3D modeling system for Common Lisp.

As a 3D modeler, Tovero takes a high level specification of a shape (in Lisp) as an input and outputs one of several lower level geometric representations such as a set of triangles, pixels/voxels, or polygonal slices. This lower level geometric representation (binary format) can then be used downstream for display or manufacturing. It does not provide attributes such as color or texture. The modeling technique used is "f-rep" — functional representation.

A shape in Tovero is a lambda function taking x, y, z parameters (as a point) and returning a signed distance to the shape from that point, with negative values inside the shape. Shapes can be composed with other shapes to build up arbitrarily complex geometry. This renders a sphere to a set of triangles and uses the basic Tovero Viewer to display it:

    (let* ((s (sphere 0.5))
           (bounds '((-2 . 2) (-2 . 2) (-2 . 2)))
           (resolution 10))
      (set-shape s bounds resolution))

See the ./examples directory for complete code samples.

For a more comprehensive viewing UI, try the Clive ( project.

Note: Tovero is currently a preview and is of 'alpha' quality. It is not meant to be used in production systems at this time. Things can and will change.

A copy of the Tovero source code can be obtained by:

The source code can also be browsed at:

To report any issues or discuss topics related to Tovero, a project mailing list is available at:

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