Function Document-System

Part of:

package tinaa
( document-system < system-kind > < system-name > < destination > &rest < args > &key < show-parts-without-documentation? > < write-files? > < page-writer-class > )

Create TINAA documentation for a system. System-kind should be 'package or
some other value for which it makes sense (e.g., an 'asdf-system if ASDFis
loaded...). System-name is the identifier of the
system. Destination is the location in the file system where you want the
documentation to go. Finally, you can pass in other arguments that are specific
to the kind of system you are documenting.

Note that system-kind will be coerced into a symbol interned in the Tinaa
package because this makes Tinaa easier to use. If you happen to write your
own system-kind, it will need to be a class defined in the Tinaa package.