Package Mop-Utils - internal and external symbols

See only external symbols
A set of Metaobject Protocol utilities.
Package Mop-Utils uses the packages Common-Lisp and Sb-Mop. It has 20 total symbols and 8 external ones.


class-name-ofThe class-name of the class of OBJECT.
get-slot-by-nameGet slot whose name is `NAME' from `CLASS'.
get-slot-of-by-nameGet slot whose name is `NAME' of the class of `OBJECT'.
slot-names-ofList of names of the slots of OBJECT.
slots-ofList of slots of OBJECT.


defmetaclassMacro for easy metaclass definition. It takes all the options
DEFCLASS takes, plus the following:...
do-childrenFor every subclass of class named by CLASS-NAME, execute BODY with VAR bind to it.
do-macro-for-childrenUse MACRO with the names of all the subclasses of the class named