A declarative GUI DSL for ABCL


The following are ports of the SwiXml examples to Snow. Their purpose is to showcase what Snow can do, to compare it to SwiXml, and to drive me, the author of Snow, towards developing some of the features that Snow misses, drawing inspiration from SwiXml.

The examples follow; for some explanation, look below.

  1. HelloWorld: Small Sample with Label, TextField, Button, and Submit Action
    Lisp-only code | Lisp + Java | Original
For each example there are four links: the first three are to the syntax-colored HTML version of the code; the first is for the Lisp-only version of the example, the other two are for the Lisp+Java version of the example. The last link is to the original SwiXml example (only the XML). Please note that the original examples are usually comprised of two files, an XML document and a Java source file. For a more meaningful comparison of the two, you might want to look at all the SwiXml files (as found on their samples page). Also, you can find these examples on SVN too.

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