Package: xpath

Function evaluate

Lambda List

evaluate (xpath context &optional unordered-p)


  • xpath -- an XPath expression
  • context -- an XPath context
  • unordered-p -- specify true to get unordered node-set

Return Value

the result of evaluating xpath within the context


Evaluates an XPath expression

xpath can be a string, a sexpr-based XPath epression or a compiled expression. The context can be obtained using make-context. As an alternative, a node can be specifed.

If unordered-p is false (default) and value being returned is a node-set, it will be sorted using sort-node-set so its nodes will be in document order. If unordered-p is true, the order of the nodes is unspecified. Unordered mode can be significantly faster in some cases (and never slower).

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