A GUI toolkit for Common Lisp

Content from 2016-11

Progress report #3

posted on 2016-11-02 14:30

Dear Community,

During this iteration I was working on a tutorial about how to create an application from scratch with McCLIM used as a GUI toolkit with a detailed description of each step. This is targeted at beginners who want to write their own project with a CLIM interface. The tutorial isn't finished yet, but I expect to publish it soon.

The font-autoconfigure branch was successfully merged to the master branch and various issues were closed thanks to that. One of them is bounty issue #65. Since I don't know how to cancel the bounty, I'm claiming it ($100), and I'm withdrawing from the McCLIM account the usual amount with this $100 subtracted.

I have replaced the clim-listener non-portable utilities with the osicat portability layer and the alexandria library. Changes are present in the develop branch (not merged yet).

The rest of the time was spent on peer review of the contributions, merging pull requests, development discussions, questions on IRC and other maintenance tasks.

A detailed report is available at:


If you have any questions, doubts or suggestions – please contact me either with email (daniel@turtleware.eu) or on IRC (my nick is jackdaniel).

Sincerely yours,
Daniel Kochmański