Getting started with Lispy is designed to be very easy. First download the latest Lispy release from At the time of writing, lispy-all-0.4.tar.gz is the latest release.

If you're installing on Windows, you'll also need to install OpenSSL e.g. via Shining Light Productions' Win32 OpenSSL Installer.

Unpack lispy-all-0.4.tar.gz. You can unpack this source archive anywhere you like, but it should be possible to read and write to that location because Lisp FASL files will be written there by ASDF as source is compiled.

In the following example, lispy-all-0.4.tar.gz was downloaded to the user's desktop directory and unpacked to the user's home directory.

$ tar xvf ~/Desktop/lispy-all-0.4.tar.gz -C ~/

The last step is to configure your Lisp implementation. This varies between implementations, but the procedure remains the same: load ASDF and load Lispy's asdf-config.lisp.


Lispy is configured for SBCL by inserting the following into SBCL's user initialization file, ~/.sbclrc.

(require :asdf)
(load (merge-pathnames #p"lispy-all-0.4/asdf-config.lisp"


CLISP doesn't bundle ASDF, so you must load the ASDF included with Lispy by inserting the following into CLISP's user initialization file, ~/.clisprc.lisp.

(load (merge-pathnames #p"lispy-all-0.4/asdf.lisp"
(load (merge-pathnames #p"lispy-all-0.4/asdf-config.lisp"


Configuration for ECL is exactly the same as for SBCL. The user initialization file ECL is ~/.eclrc.

Using Lispy

Start Lisp and load the Lispy system.

* (asdf:oos 'asdf:load-op :lispy)

Install Hunchentoot.

* (lispy:install (lispy:module-by-name :hunchentoot))

2009-12-23 10:04:29 "Installing HUNCHENTOOT" 

List upgrades.

* (lispy:list-upgrades)

Listing the currently installed libraries.

* (lispy:list-installation)

(#<LISPY:INSTALL lispy-0.4/ {B9E46F9}>
 #<LISPY:INSTALL drakma-0.11.3/ {B9E4699}> ...)

Listing all available libraries for possible installation.

* (lispy:list-map)

 #<LISPY:MODULE TINAA {B97C051}> ...)

List upgrades.

* (lispy:list-upgrades)

Upgrade all upgradable libraries.

* (lispy:upgrade-all)
* (lispy:list-upgrades)

Download and install absolutely everything (also used in the construction of Lispy Box).

* (dolist (module (lispy:list-map))
     (lispy:install module))