Package Lispy - external symbols

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Lispy is Common Lisp package management in Common Lisp.
Package Lispy uses the packages Common-Lisp. It has 85 total symbols and 36 external ones.


installAn INSTALL represents a Lisp package that has been installed by Lispy.
moduleA MODULE represents a Lisp package from a Lispy map.
versionA VERSION represents a specific version of a MODULE.


*lispy-asdf-config-pathname*The path to the Lispy ASDF configuration file.
*lispy-distfiles-pathname*The path where source packages should be downloaded to.
*lispy-installation-pathname*The path to the installation list file.
*lispy-log-stream*A stream Lispy should use to write log messages.
*lispy-map-urls*A list of map URLs Lispy should read and merge.
*lispy-pathname*Where Lispy is installed. You should never need to modify this.


+lispy-default-map-url+The URL to the official Lispy map.


initializeInitialize Lispy. This reads and merges all maps in
*LISPY-MAP-URLS*, reads the installation, wr...
install-by-nameReturn the instance of INSTALL given by NAME.
list-installationReturn the list of installed modules versions.
list-mapReturn the merged list of modules.
list-upgradesReturns a list of VERSION instances for all modules that can be upgraded.
module-by-nameReturns the instance of MODULE described by NAME.
read-asdf-configLoad the Lispy ASDF configuration, which in turn adds paths to
read-installationRead the installation file into *LISPY-INSTALLATION*
read-mapRead the map at MAP-URL and merge the modules into *LISPY-MAP*.
upgrade-allUpgrade all upgradable Lisp source packages.
write-asdf-configWrite a Lispy ASDF configuration file which can be loaded
indepedent of Lispy.
write-installationWrite *LISPY-INSTALLATION* to the installtaion file.


installInstall Lisp package source.
latest-versionDetermine the latest version of the Lisp package described by MODULE. Returns an instance of VER...
uninstallUninstall Lisp package source.
upgradable-pNon-NIL if the Lisp package source can be upgraded.
upgradeUpgrade a Lisp source package installation.