Class Module

A MODULE represents a Lisp package from a Lispy map.

Part of:

package lispy


A brief description of the Lisp package to include in rendered views of maps.
Initargs::description; Reader:description.
From where the Lisp package originated.
Initargs::homepage; Reader:homepage.
The URL to the map the VERSION was defined in.
Initargs::map-url; Reader:map-url.
The name of the module to which a VERSION belongs.
Initargs::name; Reader:name.
A list of versions of the Lisp package.
Initargs::versions; Reader:versions.

Direct Method

dependency-listCompute the dependencies of the latest version of a Lispy package described by MODULE. Returns a...
extractExtract Lisp package source.
fetchDownload Lisp package source.
installInstall Lisp package source.
latest-versionDetermine the latest version of the Lisp package described by MODULE. Returns an instance of VER...
upgradable-pNon-NIL if the Lisp package source can be upgraded.