Class Install

An INSTALL represents a Lisp package that has been installed by Lispy.

Part of:

package lispy


A list of ASDF paths to be added to the ASDF configuration for Lispy packages which include more than one ASDF file in more than one location. If not specified, then ROOT is used.
Initargs::asdf-paths; Reader:asdf-paths.
The name of the module to which a VERSION belongs.
Initargs::name; Reader:name.
A synthetic version number which is used in VERSION comparisons.
Initargs::our-version; Reader:our-version.
The directory where the Lisp package's source archive unpacks to.
Initargs::root; Reader:root.
The upstream author's version number or a date of the form YYYY-MM-DD if no version is available or the version is from version control.
Initargs::version; Reader:version.

Direct Method

uninstallUninstall Lisp package source.
upgradable-pNon-NIL if the Lisp package source can be upgraded.
upgradeUpgrade a Lisp source package installation.