Class Matrix-Base

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class matrix-structure-base, package lisplab

Direct Subclass


Direct Method

./=Generalized /=.
.<Generalized <.
.<=Generalized <=.
.=Element-wise test of equality, with presition.
.>Generalized >.
.>=Generalized >=.
.absGenerialized abs.
.acosInverse cosine function : acos(x).
.acoshInverse hyperbolic cosine function : acosh(x).
.addAddes a and b elementwise. Called by .+
.asinInverse sine function : asin(x).
.asinhInverse hyperbolic sine function : asinh(x).
.atanInverse tangent function : atan(x).
.atanhInverse hyperbolic tangent function : atanh(x).
.besh1Hankel function 1. Bessel functions of the third kind : H^(1)_n(x).
.besh2Hankel function 2. Bessel functions of the third kind : H^(2)_n(x).
.besiModified Bessel functions : I_n(x).
.besjBessel functions of the first kind : J_n(x).
.beskModified Bessel functions : K_n(x).
.besyThe Neumann function. Bessel functions of the second kind : Y_n(x).
.complexGeneralized complex.
.conjGeneralized conjugate.
.cosCosine function : cos(x).
.coshHyperbolic cosine function : cosh(x).
.divDivides a with b elementwise. Called by ./
.erfThe error function : erf(x)
.erfcThe complementary error function : erfc(x)
.everyGeneralizes every.
.expExponential function : exp(x).
.exptRises a to power b elementwise. Called by .^
.gammaThe gamma function : gamma(x)
.imGenerialized abs.
.lnLogarithm function
.maxGenerialized max.
.minGenerialized min.
.mulMultiplies a and b elementwise. Called by .*
.reGenerialized realpart.
.sgnGenerialized signum.
.sinSine function : sin(x).
.sinhHyperbolic sine function : sinh(x).
.someGeneralizes some
.sqrtSquare root.
.subSubtracts b from a elementwise. Called by .-
.tanTangent function : tan(x).
.tanhHyperbolic tangent function : tanh(x).
circ-shiftShifts the matrix with periodic indecices
convertConverts the object to the specified type. Non-destructive.
copyCopies the elements and structure, but ignore
shared state, like fill pointers etc.
copy-contentsCopies all elements from a to b.
dimGives a list of all dimension lengths, or the length of
the dimension specified.
dlmwriteWrite matrix to ASCII-delimited file or stream
export-listExports the elements of the matrix to a list.
fft-shiftRestructuring of Brillouin zones
ifft-shiftInverse restructuring of Brillouin zones
import-listImports the elements of the matrix from a list.
lin-solveSolves the linear system of equations Ax=b.
lu-factorLU-factorization with pivoting. Outputs (L U P) where
L is low diagonal with unity at diagnoals,...
lu-factor!LU-factorization with pivoting. Destructive.
Ouputs a combined LU matrix where the diagonals bel...
lu-solve!Solves the linear equation system LUx=b, where LU is an output
from LU-factor!.
m*Matrix multiplication.
m/Short for (m* a (minv b)).
mabsmaxRetuns the matrix element with largest absolute value
mabsminRetuns the matrix element closest to zero
matrix-pA matrix is a object whose elements are accesible with mref.
mcreateCreates a new matrix of the same type and with
the same value as the other, but with all element...
mcreate*Extended version of mcreate. Creates a new matrix of the same type
and with the same value as th...
mctMatrix conjugate transpose.
mdetMatrix determinant.
mfillSets each element to the value. Destructive
minvMatrix inverse.
minv!Matrix inverse. Destructive.
mmapGeneralization of map, where type = t gives output
type equals type of m.
mmap-intoGeneralization of map-into.
mmap-operatorCalls the operator, e.g., .add, .mul, on the elements of the matrices.
mmaxRetuns the largest matrix element
mminRetuns the smalles matrix element
mminmaxRetuns a list with (minumum maximum)
mreverseReverts elements of matrix or vector. Similar to cl:reverse
msumSums all matrix elements
mtpMatrix transpose.
mtrMatrix trace (sum of diagonal elements).
pad-shiftShifts the matrix and pads results
rankThe rank is the number of dimensions.
reshapeReshapes the object
to-matrixReshape the object to 2D
to-vectorReshape the object to 1D
vcrossCross product. Must be a vecotors of length 3
vdotDot product of vectors
vector-pA vector is a object whose elements are accessible with vref.
vnormThe vector norm