Package Fortran-Ffi-Accessors - external symbols

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asdf-system lisplab, asdf-system lisplab-matlisp
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Fortran foreign function interface
Package Fortran-Ffi-Accessors uses the packages Common-Lisp, Sb-Alien and Sb-C. It has 47 total symbols and 4 external ones.


vector-data-addressReturn the physical address of where the actual data of the object
VEC is stored.

VEC - must b...


def-fortran-routinedef-fortran-routine name return-type {(arg-name arg-type {style})}*

This macro performs two rela...
with-vector-data-addressesWITH-VECTOR-DATA-ADDRESSES (var-list &body body)

Execute the body with the variables in VAR-LIS...