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1 Introduction

Lisplab is a mathematics/matrix library in Common Lisp. It is placed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) and offers an easy-to-use and rich programming framework for mathematics, including Matlab-like matrix handling, linear algebra, Fast Fourier Transform, special functions, Runge-Kutta solver, infix notation, and interfaces to BLAS, LAPACK, FFTW, SLATEC and QUADPACK.

The name Lisplab is inspired by Matlab and Lisplab offers much of the same kind of programming-style as Matlab, with high level manipulation of matrices, but contrary to Matlab, Lisplab benefits from being a part of Common Lisp. Hence, you have lexical scope, dynamic scope, macros, first class functions, iterations, CLOS, fast execution, and working in an free general purpose programming language. And best of all: you can enjoy you favorite data-types in addition to the matrices: functions, hash tables, structures, classes, arbitrary precision integers, rationals, and lists.

Lisplab is not unique in building Matlab-like syntax on top of Common Lisp. Other similar framweorks are Matlisp, Femlisp, NLISP and GSLL. Lisplab itself was started as a branch of Matlisp, but there is now only little of the original code left.