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2.4 DNS

2.4.1 Functions

— Function: sockets:lookup-hostname host &key ipv6

Looks up a host by name or address. IPV6 determines the IPv6 behaviour, defaults to *IPV6*. Returns 4 values:

— Function: sockets:ensure-hostname address &key ipv6 errorp

If address is an inet-address designator, it is converted, if necessary, to an inet-address object and returned. Otherwise it is assumed to be a host name which is then looked up in order to return its primary address as the first return value and the remaining address list as the second return value.

2.4.2 Conditions

— Condition: sockets:resolver-error

Class precedence list: resolver-error, condition, t

Signaled when an error occurs while trying to resolve an address.

— Generic Function: sockets:resolver-error-datum condition

Return the datum that caused the signalling of a resolver-error condition.

— Condition: sockets:resolver-again-error

Class precedence list: resolver-again-error, resolver-error, condition, t

Condition signaled when a temporary failure occurred.

— Condition: sockets:resolver-fail-error

Class precedence list: resolver-fail-error, resolver-error, condition, t

Condition signaled when a non-recoverable error occurred.

— Condition: sockets:resolver-no-name-error

Class precedence list: resolver-no-name-error, resolver-error, condition, t

Condition signaled when a host or service was not found.

— Condition: sockets:resolver-unknown-error

Class precedence list: resolver-unknown-error, resolver-error, condition, t

Condition signaled when an unknown error is signaled while resolving an address.