Gamelib is a project to create a library suitable for writing games in Common Lisp. The general idea is to start slow and eventually let ambition grow as far as can be.

The initial graphical platform for Gamelib is CLX, with no sound. In time, this might expand to using OpenGL (where available, posisbly via third-party packages) or using DirectDraw (when, say, running under Win32). There are nothing more than vague plans in those directiosn, right now. Help is, as usual, appreciated.


Gamelib has four components, the AI component, the games-2D component, the games-3d component and the joystick component.

Intended use

Since a few parameters that one might want to change are defined as constants, it is recommended that any distributed game that uses gamelib and can't use the standard settings ships a customized version of the required files from gamelib (in general, the AI component and one of the two game display components).


Gamelib is licensed under an MIT license (essentially, do what you want, but make sure to keep attributions around).