Version 0.4

This version features joystick support (at least for linux, at least working really well under SBCL).

Version 0.3

This release features a better 3D camera (it can now not only move in 3 directions (not that there is any intrinsic support to move along the Z axis for the other camera) and pitch, yaw and roll).

There's also been some added compile-time warning for AI code (we now also warn for "satte defined but not used).

Version 0.2

Release the second. Now properly compile-tested. Documentation re-written and extended (now in HTML, to simplify in-linking of images). Code refactored and traces of odl games almost eliminated (to the extent they're not, they should at least not affect compilation or the ability to base new games on the library).

Version 0.1

Initial release. Rough-hewn conversion of the Gatlopp and the Pantzer code into something half-way similar to a games library. Text-based documentation.
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