Class Dyn-Tuple

A class of functional tuples represented as vectors with dynamically-
reordered key vectors. This is the default implementation of tuples in FSet.

Part of:

package fset, class tuple

Direct Superclass

tupleThe abstract class for FSet functional tuples. It is a structure class.



Other Method

compareReturns one of :less, :greater, :equal, or :unequal according as x
is less than, greate...
convertConverts the collection to the specified type. Some methods may
take additional keyword argument...
internal-do-tupleCalls elt-fn on successive pairs of the tuple (as two arguments); when done,
calls value-fn o...
lookupIf collection is a map, returns the value to which key is mapped.
If collection is a seq, t...
tuple-mergeReturns a new tuple containing all the keys of tuple1 and tuple2,
where the value for each ke...
withOn a set, adds value1 to it, returning the updated set. On a bag, adds
value2 occurrences of...