Chapter 8. Initialization File

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All of FOMUS's default settings may be overridden using an initialization file that FOMUS looks for every time it loads. This file is named .fomus and must be created in the user's home directory. To specify default settings, simply list keyword/argument pairs as if they were keyword arguments to the FOMUS command.

Example 8.1. Initialization File Contents

:output '((:data) (:lilypond :view t))

:lilypond-exe "/usr/local/bin/lilypond"
:lilypond-opts '("--ps")
:lilypond-out-ext "ps"

:lilypond-view-exe "/usr/bin/ggv"
:cmn-view-exe "/usr/bin/ggv"

:verbose 1
:composer "David Psenicka"
:min-tuplet-dur 1
:max-tuplet 13
:caut-acc-ottavas t