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3.11 Documentation

If you are getting the documentation as a released tar file, you will probably find the documenation in .html or .pdf form in the release, or can find it at the Elephant website.

If you want to compile the documentation youself, for example, if you can think of a way to improve this manual, then you will do something similar to this in a shell or command-line prompt:

     cd doc
     make pdf

This process will populate the “./includes” directory with references automatically extracted from the list code. Currently this docstring extraction process relies on SBCL, but with minor modifications the scripts should work with other lisp environemnts.

The Makefile will then compile the texinfo documentation source into an HTML file and a PDF file which will be left in the “doc/” directory. An info style HTML tree is also created in the “doc/elephant” directory. This tree contains one node per HTML file.

Don't edit anything in the “doc/elephant” directory or the “doc/includes” directories, as everything in these directories is generated. Instead, edit the “.texinfo” files in the doc directory.