Objects are entities that can allocated, referred to by pointers, and can be freed.

Table of Contents

allocate-foreign-object — Allocates an instance of a foreign object.
free-foreign-object — Frees memory that was allocated for a foreign boject.
with-foreign-object — Wraps the allocation of a foreign object around a body of code.
size-of-foreign-type — Returns the number of data bytes used by a foreign object type.
pointer-address — Returns the address of a pointer.
deref-pointer — Deferences a pointer.
ensure-char-character — Ensures that a dereferenced :char pointer is a character.
ensure-char-integer — Ensures that a dereferenced :char pointer is an integer.
make-null-pointer — Create a NULL pointer.
null-pointer-p — Tests a pointer for NULL value.
+null-cstring-pointer+ — A constant NULL cstring pointer.
with-cast-pointer — Wraps a body of code with a pointer cast to a new type.
def-foreign-var — Defines a symbol macro to access a variable in foreign code