ext:storage-exhausted — Memory overflow condition.

Class Precedence List

ext:storage-exhausted, storage-condition, serious-condition, condition, t


This condition is signaled when ECL exhausts the ext:heap-size limit from Table 5.1. In handling this condition ECL follows this logic

  • If the heap size limit was set to 0 (that is no limit), but there is some free space in the safety region ECL frees this space and issues a non-restartable error. The user may jump to an outer point or quit.

  • If the heap size had a finite limit, ECL offers the user the chance to resize it, issuing a restartable condition. The user may at this point use (ext:set-limit 'ext:heap-size 0) to remove the heap limit and avoid further messages, or use the (continue) restart to let ECL enlarge the heap by some amount.

  • Independently of the heap size limit, if ECL finds that ther is no space to free or to grow, ECL simply quits. There will be no chance to do some cleanup because there is no way to cons any additional data.