disassemble — Display the assembly code of a function


(disassemble function-designator*)


A symbol which is bound to a function in the global environment, or a lambda form


As specified in ANSI this function outputs the internal represention of a compiled function, or of a lambda form, as it would look after being compiled.

ECL only has a particular difference: it has two different compilers, one based on bytecodes and one based on the C language. The output will thus depend on the arguments and on which compiler is active at the moment in which this function is run.

  • If the argument is a bytecompiled function, the output will be bytecodes.

  • If the argument is a lambda form, it will be processed by the active compiler and the appropriate output (bytecodes or C) will be shown.

  • If the argument is a C-compiled form, ECL will retrieve its original lambda form and process it with the currently active compiler.