Chapter 11. Packages

11.1. C Reference
ANSI Dictionary — Common Lisp and C equivalence

Table 11.1. ECL packages

NameNicknameIn moduleDescription
COMMON-LISPCL, LISPECL coreMain Common Lisp package.
CLOSMOPECL coreSymbols from the AMOP.
EXT ECL coreECL extensions to the language & library.
SYSTEMSI, SYSECL coreFunctions and variables internal to the implementation. Never to be used.
FFIECL coreForeign function interface
CMPCCMPThe compiler
SB-BSD-SOCKETS SOCKETSSockets library compatible with SBCL's
SB-RTRT, REGRESSION-TESTRTTest units (customized for ECL)
ASDF ASDFSystem definition file with ECL customizations.

In Table 11.1 we list all packages available in ECL. The nicknames are aliases for a package. Thus, system:symbol may be written as sys:symbol or si:symbol. The module field explains which library provides what package. For instance, the ASDF is obtained when loading the ASDF library with (require 'asdf).

11.1. C Reference