Embeddable Common-Lisp

OpenBSD testers?

Written by jjgarcia on 2005-11

Thanks to the latest fixes in ECL's own conservative garbage collector, ECL from CVS sources now builds and runs at least on OpenBSD/x86. The infrastructure in Sourceforge is however very limited (basically, I do not get enough CPU time to run the tests). Hence it would be nice if someone could do some testing on this platform.

For this we suggest that, after building ECL, you check out the ecls-test tree from CVS and run simply "make" from the ecls-test directory. This will run some old tests plus Paul Dietz' ANSI test suite (which is automagically pulled from Savannah's CVS tree).

We are also looking for people that work on porting the dynamically generated callbacks code to PowerPC/OSX.

Finally, I would like to release a new version anytime soon and thus am running the tests on all platforms I have available, and which ECL supports: - Linux on Intel x86 - Linux on Opteron - Linux on Alpha - FreeBSD on x86 - NetBSD on x86 - Windows XP - Mingw32 for Windows XP - Cygwin for Windows XP - Mac OSX - Solaris on Sparc ... There are also rumors that ECL runs also on Itanium, and an AIX port is now under development. :-)