Embeddable Common-Lisp

ECL 15.3.7 released

Written by jackdaniel on 2015-03

My deep apologies to all Windows users for misfortunate unicode character at top screen, which caused an exception at the very start of ECL startup. Version 15.2.21 was released little prematurely. Proper fix is released a week after problem was noticed, because we did want to test it first, and to fix a few regressions between 13.5.1 and 15.2.21.

This release is at least as good as 15.2.21. Enchantments include:

  • ECL now builds easily with Visual Studio 2012, including builds with custom codepages,
  • Autoconf scripts are upgraded to version 2.69,
  • Fixed stack direction, so builds against upcoming gcc 5.0 should work,
  • Broken --with-sse=yes configure flag works once again,
  • Fixed stable-sort bug (corner case on sorting strings).

Big thanks to everyone, who helped with testing and development :-)

Regarding other news, we're still on a move. We barely settled on gitorious and now it's aquired by gitlab, so we're moving forward, to gitlab. But not everything at once. Full migration will be performed at 14th march, but repositories are already synced, and wiki is moved as well (some links are broken, but it's a matter of a few edits). Anyone interested on participating, is invited to join a team at https://gitlab.com/embeddable-common-lisp .