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4.1 Drawables

Both windows and pixmaps can be used as sources and destinations in graphics operations. These are collectively known as drawables. The following functions apply to both windows and pixmaps.

drawable-display drawable Function
A drawable object.

Returns the display for the specified drawable.

drawable-equal drawable-1 drawable-2 Function
drawable-1, drawable-2
drawable objects.

Returns true if the two arguments refer to the same server resource, and nil if they do not.

drawable-id drawable Function
A drawable object.

Returns the unique resource ID assigned to the specified drawable.

Type resource-id .

drawable-p drawable Function

Returns true if the argument is a drawable and nil otherwise.

Type boolean.

drawable-plist drawable Function

Returns and (with setf) sets the property list for the specified drawable. This function provides a hook where extensions can add data.

A property list.

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