CLX Manual

Notice:This is a preliminary version. If you have difficulties to read these pages due to HTML-features and/or formattings please drop me a note. The tables are sometimes still a mess. Also I plan to add a sensible index to the manual.

This is an HTML 4.0 version of the classic Postscript CLX documentation as found in the the X11 distribution. Conversion from Postscript was done by some home-brew ps2ascii tools and heavy manual editing.

Offline Reading

You may choose to download the whole set of HTML files for off-line reading. Please visit the download page.

Technical Issues

Since the HTML files are not the actual source, it is not wise to make modifications to them. If you want to modifications or corrections I invite you to mail me for the HTML generation tool. However the SGML source of the whole manual is available for download.

The manuals contents belong to Texas Instruments. Refer to the copyright notice for details. I only did the conversion to SGML and HTML.

Thank you for listening, Gilbert.

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