Software organization

The Cloud software is made up of several modules, or layers.
The first layer is called Cloud-Maths and contains the basic mathematic tools, such as vector and matrix arithmetics. The second layer is called Cloud-Sp and contains all the tools for signal processing. Here we included the implementation of the Fourier transform, correlation and convolution, least-squares polynomial fitting, linear prediction functions, windowing functions, resampling, filtering, etc. At the same level, there is also the visualization tool and the I/O tools for sound handling. This is the level that can be used as a library for building audio-related software.
The third layer is called Cloud-Clicks and is the layer on which users of the software should work. Loading this layer loads all that is necessary for prototyp- ing. This is the layer on which partial tracking has been developped for example.

Getting started

In order for the software to work correctly, it needs iterate and McCLIM, which are installable using asdf-install. Then a script called is provided, which will make the necessary links for the software to be available from the SBCL prompt. Finally, the loading is done using:

(require :cloud-clicks)
(in-package :cloud-clicks).